Options (to lose money) Boot Camp

SIFI STOCKS - Options Boot Camp - Tony Marcano - SCAMMER Anthony Monfet

Compare the images above. You can see the same plump red cheeks, the same hand gestures, the same dressing style with that plaid shirt and that same Polo Ralph Lauren logo on the left.


Who the fuck is Tony Marcano?

Why does he look just like Anthony Monfet, the well known con artist from Huntsville?

Why did he change his name?

What is this new company SIFIstocks.com, LLC?

The material provided on this site is for general informational purposes only. It is designed to provide tips on how to check if the man is legit or a scam. You are welcome to read thoroughly, create a trust score about him and make informed decision before breaking up with your money.


Here is a short guide to elementary research worth doing:


Check out what his company name (SIFI stocks) implies. Look for the terms SIFI and SIFI stock in the context of finance and stock market. Search what the acronym SIFI stands for. Tony uses the acronym "Set It Forget It".

Search the term options boot camp to see he did not invent it, despite the association with his military service. There are tons of videos with that name on YouTube (try also the "options bootcamp", see what comes up).
Google the term proprietary scanner to see he did not invent that either. Contact his site's support and ask what is their proprietary scanner, mentioned on their site.





Google the name Anthony Monfet.

Search the images too (do you recognize a familiar face?).

Expand your research by adding terms like scam, fraud, ripoff , internet cheaters, lawsuits.

Use multiple search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...) for diverse results.

Read carefully the Terms & Conditions and the Disclaimer on his website, sifistocks.com. (It is quite long but most important).

Print both to keep a snapshot of the version that was valid for the day you signed up.


the terms & conditions might change whenever they want,

they do not give refunds,

they are neither securities broker-dealers nor investment advisers,

they're neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice,

they emphasize you should not base any investment decision upon any materials found on their report or website.

Search for a record of the company's LLC registration (I couldn't find on the web).

If you haven't found, email support and ask what is their EIN number (Entity ID number), entity type, what are place and date of formation, what is the principal address of the company.

When you are provided with EIN (if at all) - do a new research, to verify the company is really registered as LLC.

Check the company address on Google Maps. Make sure it is not a fake address, or the address of some bank or shopping center.

Ask yourself why Tony Marcano does not introduce himself on his website. Check out what is his professional experience besides being a sergeant in the U.S. army (no, military service is not the skill required for options trading).

Ask yourself what reason he had to change his name.


Watch his YouTube channel. Note that the comments are disabled and the testimonials playlist is empty (although there are 5 brief testimonials in one of his videos). Note the recording quality of the videos.

Pay attention to his body language during the broadcast, the hollow look of his eyes, which seem to be directed towards the teleprompter , not to the audience.

Most importantly: do your research as soon as possible because chances are that the information may disappear from the web pretty quickly, let alone the man himself (as has already happened over the past three years).



It's been less than two months since I uploaded this site (Christmas 2020). 
If you came across my site today for the first time, you must be wondering: there is no LLC in the terms and conditions, what YouTube videos am I talking about?, etc. That is not surprising. I warned about this in advance. The information "Tony" provides is constantly changing or disappearing. That's why I recommended taking screenshots of the terms & conditions when signing up for his "website" or buying any of his programs. What I wrote then remains here nonetheless to document his deceptive conduct and give examples of things to check in general if you suspect fraud.

What has changed so far?

His first three YouTube videos I reffered to, have disappeared. The (empty) testimonials playlist is gone. He uploaded three other videos, two of which are just stolen content from another YouTube channel, or at least beeing used with no credit to the copyright owner. The landing page so-called "website" has been changed several times. The terms & conditions page shows the original update date (Oct 2020) although the terms have been updated since. The company name "SIFIstocks.com, LLC" no longer exists. It's just "SIFIstocks.com" now. 
Now that we know there's no "SIFIstocks.com, LLC" let's find out who owns SIFIstocks. Not only there's no such registered LLC anywhere, there's no public info about the owner/s of that "company" or whatever it is. You have to sign up for their mailing list before you get any piece of information about them(if at all), what makes me wonder why is it so confidential ?

MAY 2021
Sifi Stocks has been changed to: " SIFI Time Let’s Get Into This! ". The website was taken down. He now provides a  "advice" mainly on crypto matters and no longer posts any disclaimer at all !! Our warning above about clearing info is proven to be correct.
The man changes not only his name often, but also the names of his projects, sites and social media thus deceiving people.
Don't you get confused. This is the same con artist ANTHONY MONFET !!

The desire to make money online is understandable, especially during these days of pandemic. That's why you should double check where to put your money.

My tip: if this sounds too good to be true then it really is too good to be true.


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